All we're left with is regret

I am seriously loving the house rivalry. It's all friendly and stuff and it makes everyone pumped and I just love it! Lachlan wasn't even planning to have a house meeting until Joel and Jodie walked up to me at recess asking where our meeting was. Good job on Joki, Grady and Daniel for getting it together so quickly :P Still a bit of disagreements in terms of themes but we'll figure it out soon enough I suppose :D 
My sister asked me to go the night markets with her and her friends today, and last week I said I'd go with them but today, she asked me again and I said no. WHY DID I SAY NO? I'm so silly, I wish I went :P Her friends are cool and the night markets are cool. I assume, seeing as I've never been. LOL my sister called asking me if I was sure she didn't want them to pick me up and her way to get me to come was "It's an Asian night market. There will be lots of cute Asian boys -hinty voice-" Oh I love my sister :') 
In other news, thank you so much Luke for being part of my experiment/draft photos for art BoW on Wednesday! :D Even though it was a bit awkward at times when teachers/students would walk past while you were posing in various areas of the school (hehe), you did an awesome job. And thank you maimai for taking such brilliant photos! Once again, capturing exactly what I was thinking and stuff. You are an amazing photographer :) First assessments of year 12 are coming up! I have barely studied for bio and omgsh I'm going to fail. GOOD THING I'M DROPPING IT THEN :@ 


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