Day 1

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
Honestly, I don’t remember why this one is my favourite. I’ve read it so many times but I rememeber the first time I read it (admittedly after the fifth one came out), I loved it. And each book that came out after I would always finish reading and think ‘nah Azkaban was better’.
I think it’s because it’s the first to actually get into the plotline that flows through the entire series. Like the first two weren’t separate from each other but you could watch the second one without watching the first and get what was going on. Know what I mean? I tend to not make sense :/
POINT IS, I like it. And I liked the final exam Lupin set up  I loved him as a character too. And the whole concept of time travel was done neatly. It's probably one of the few texts (from what I know) that includes time travel with very few holes and questions to be asked.


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