Day 4

Day 4: Least favourite female character and why

Cho Chang. Yes I know many people would say the obvious choice is like.. Umbridge or Bellatrix or something but I think both those characters added a fifth dimension (hehe) to the books and made it something other than breakfast (I'm trying to memorise stuff for english, leave me alone...). Seriously though, Umbridge was annoying but she formed the bulk of the fifth book and gave the readers something to hate, encompassing all the negative qualities in one character to become the antagonist in the novel. Oh gosh I'm sorry for such an... analytical sounding response :P 
So why Cho Chang? Because she was boring. She didn't really do much. Yes, her and Harry dated and she was his first kiss and provided a little romance but it wasn't worth all her melodrama and annoying whines and whatever else. She was so needy and OMGSH YOU LIKE HERMIONE BETTER THAN ME AND YOU AGREED TO MEET YOUR FRIEND OF 5 YEARS AFTER OUR TIME TOGETHER TODAY WHEN THIS IS MEANT TO BE OUR FIRST DATE? HOW COULD YOU? Yeah Harry was probably a little tactless but suck it up princess, he has a world outside of you! And I think the entire time she was a part of the book, she had a thing for both Harry and Cedric and was enjoying all the attention she got for having the two 'it' guys of the school chasing after her. When Harry asked her to the Yule Ball she was all "I really am sorry" as if she actually did want to go with Harry. THEN WHY SAY YES TO CEDRIC YOU SILLY GIRL? And then her first kiss with Harry was done while she was moping over Cedric as if she was still into him. Okay, maybe I'm being a bit harsh with the last one seeing as she was crying over his death but y'know, PICK ONE AND STICK TO THEM :@


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