"Immerse yourself in the medium you plan on doing your major work in" says Miss Young to Extension 2 kids. And immerse I shall! I went to the library with maimai today and got five or so books on Poetry, about poetry, how to write poetry etcetc. Last lesson, Miss told me to look at more contemporary poems rather than just classic Edgar Allan Poe (:( ) and since I was planning on writing gothic poetry, I was trying to find some gothic poems that weren't Edgar Allan Poe. I found one that's about emotions (mainly sadness) and I guess it has  a tinge of Gothic but most of the contemporary poems are about war or something.
In other news, I like making new friends :) But it's sad because it seems like I have a cap on the amount of friends I can have. Well not really have more like.. stay close to? As in consistent conversations and stuff. Every time I've started talking to someone new, I drift away from someone else. It's not like I do it intentionally! It's just something I've observed. Although it's probably a coincidence that I managed to find a pattern in. I'm obsessed with finding patterns in things. Like when I was younger, I used to sleep in my grandma's room and she had a painting that had a rose bush in the corner and I used to lie in bed and look at the painting, making patterns out of roses. I found a fair few pictures and stuff. So to me, that rose bush will always be teeming with foxes, wolves and the like. Oh how I love the power of imagination :')


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