Writer's block

I have a 1200 word story to write for english extension 2 tomorrow. I have like 231 so far and I can't think of what to write. All I've done is introduce a setting. I don't even know how to describe the character and what he's wearing. He doesn't even have a name D: Why is Miss Young making us all write short stories for homework when most of us aren't even writing a  short story for our major work? :( Tis rather ridiculous.
In other news, my sister went back to Singapore today. Well she will be. Her flight was meant to be at 5.30 so we dropped her off, said our goodbyes only to find out her plane got delayed til 9.40. WE COULD HAVE GONE BEACH OR SOMETHING! Ah well. It was a good ten days :) For some reason, I wasn't sad. Nor did I cry. I don't think I treated it as a fairwell. Like maybe a brief parting and she'll be home tonight kinda thing but I'm usually bawling like a baby when she leaves. I think this happened last time too. Maybe I'm getting used to it :O Eh, she'll be back in three weeks for christmas so yay ! And we can go Carols in the Domain with the sisters, the cousins and the sisterseses friends! :D Should be fun. Oh I am already pumped in advance :)
My sister got me a necklace for my birthday and I was meant to bring it on Friday so I could show people. Now, a lot of people might be thinking 'wth why you showing it off? It's a necklace', but I think some of you would appreciate it :/ Either that or you'll think I'm really lame. Let's hope it ISN'T the latter shall we? Oh crap, I need to remind Luke to bring stuff for tomorrow for my art thing. Gah! For the ten days my sister was here, I neglected school work and I have a feeling I'm going to pay the price big time :P Eh, I'm dropping bio (Yeah I think I finally decided). That is all .


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