Day 13

So I have finally found the time and means to blog. Happy Christmas and New Year everybody! I sent New years texts to everyone in our grade whose number I had so yes, no need for a long winded blog post telling you how much I love us. And by us I mean the grade cause I really do. ANYWAY, so the past week or so has been a blur. My sister came back on the 21st then my parents came back on the 24th and it's been going out every day since which is pretty awesome so can't really complain but I wish I could blog more often. The computer is too slow, school laptop blocks anything fun and the only way I can blog is if I use my sister's mac which she rarely lets me use. She changed her password and everything! It's not like I used it without her knowing. But yes, that is why I do not blog as often. I apologise deeply.
I am so pumped for WEdnesday! I am going to the Harry Potter exhibition with my sister and it will be epic and fantastic and every other positive adjective I can't think of. I swear, if this thing doesn't live up to my expectations, i am not going to be a happy chappy >.> But I'm sure it will ^^
I went to the beach yesterday with my sisters, Joel (sister's fiancé) and Raelene and I got slapped by a wave. Now my neck is sore :/

Day 13: Least Favourite Movie
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It dragged on for a bit I think and it cut out a lot of the interesting parts and Umbridge annoyed me. I still liked it but when I'm at home and in the mood to watch a Harry Potter movie, my hand always hovers over the covers of all of them except the fifth. It's weird though. I say it dragged out but then it also feels a bit rushed like they just skimmed over the details of some of the events. I guess that's just cause the book was so long and there was so much to include that that was all they could really do. But yeah, that's why it is my least favourite.


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