Day 15

Day 15: Who would be your best friends at Hogwarts? (three only)

I'm just going to share my thought process and say that I tried to find people similar to my close friends now. So based on that, Ginny, Luna and Oliver Wood. What a weird combo... But seriously. We have the really smart, pretty all rounded girl who has a likeable personality with little effort. Much like Maimai, Kabir, Lani, Vronca etc. Then there's the slightly strange, eccentric character who does whatever she lieks with little to no regard for what everyone else thinks which reminded me of Danicap, Holly and kinda maimai I guess :P Oliver Wood represents pretty much all my close guy friends. To me, he always seemed like a... older brother figure. I know he didn't have that big a role in the books/movies and most of the time he was yelling at people or freaking out about Quidditch but there was also the fact that he cared very much about his team and wanted to see them grow and learn (even if it was to his own benefit...let's just concentrate on the base characteristics shall we?) which is how I see all myguy friends. They even have that incredibly  competitive side too :P (josep, Kuya, Pernickety, Colin, Vincent)


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