Worth it?

There comes a point in a relationship - any kind of relationship - where you’re not quite sure if there’s a reason you’re doing what you’re doing. If your efforts are being recognised and appreciated as much as you want or need them to be. If they’re worth it.  
With some people, it’s easy to figure out. Ask them a question you should know the answer to and if it isn’t what you expected, you don’t know them anymore and everything you based that relationship on is gone. So why keep it? Or go the other way. See if they know you; your mannerisms, habits and everything about you as well as they used to. A moment of hesitation or a third party consultation later and another person gets cut out of your life. 
But then there are those people who you’re not quite sure how to deal with. You don’t even bother putting them through any specific test, you just get rid of them. Making sure every aspect is covered and your intentions are hidden. To you, they’re out either way so why bother formulating an intricate test that you know will result in a third goodbye anyway? It seems so simple and easy - and yet it’s usually these people that put up the hardest fight.


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