I Do Adore

Happy Valentines Day Everybody! I'm seeing a bit more consistency with my blog posts which I am happy about :) Also happy with the jackets we got today :D They fit nicely and they're really warm :) I am so pumped for finals night grsegoet6u (<-- That's me being pumped). So pumped that this post (like many others) has no structure ! Wheeeeeee
Man I have not had the time to read other people's blogs. I dno, I think I've given up trying to keep up to date with them. I don't even remember which blogs I followed.. like followed as in anxiously waited for their next post. I think it was like.. Lisa, Manisay and Holly mainly cause they have pretty pictures and Holly amuses me :P I'd say Danicap too but either she hasn't posted in aaaaages or I just haven't been getting updates.
Speaking of Danicap, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANICAAAAAAAP !  First of all, I want you to remember that no matter how many people start calling you danicap, I was the one that called you that first! Second of all, I want to thank you for letting me be a part of you major work for art. Seriously, I was so flattered and my ego is so massive right now because of you. Well not just you. but it all started with you. I apologise for any arrogance you have to put up with for the next few weeks or so until I get pulled back down to earth. Third of all (that doesn't have the same ring to it...), thank you for not only putting up with my rants and evil schemes, but actually enjoying hearing it. Honestly if it wasn't for you, I would have no one to vent out all my frustration and negative energy(lol) to and all of the evilness would just bubble away inside of me until it burst and I committed a mass murder. I'm joking. I don't think I'd ever reach that point :P
Seriously though, I've had so much fun with you for the past five and a bit years and we always seem to share the same weird opinions and you always get what I'm talking about even if it's just a random feeling or thought. You just get me :') In the time that I've been in high school, I can safely say that some, if not most, of my most fun moments have been with you or you and others cause you're so carefree and, well, fun :P Thank you for the friendship, Danicap ! For the past, present and future.. (Thought I'd end it with something really cheesy. ehe .)

aaaaand random vlog I decided to make today :) There have been others in the last week but I couldn't be bothered putting them here. Enjoy !

Day 19: Do you prefer the books or the movies?
Books for suuuuure! Not only because they're the original (although that is part of the reason) but also because there's so much more to them. Like the movies, I personally think that if you hadn't read the books, there would be a lot of unanswered questions. I'm pretty sure my sister can vouch for that because she tends to ask me a lot of questions about the movies and she hasn't read the books. Also, there's so much more depth and room for character and plot development. JK Rowling is an AMAZING writer and I just love the way she describes particular scenes and it's just pleasant to read :)


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