Originality is an illusion

HI! It's been two weeks since I last blogged and I'm not even going to bother and say that I'll try and blog more regularly cause I knwo it isn't going to happen. You all know why I take ages to blog too, pretty sure I've mentioned it tons of times after every silence period between blog posts.
So we are a week and a half into the school year and I must say, it's been pretty good. Yes, the work load is large and the demands are intense but I quite like it. It gives me something to do and I know I complain about it as much as the next person but I actually do like the feeling that comes after you finish a massive pile of homework. Such accomplishment. This is a new feeling for me. Finishing homework I mean. Shut up don't judge me.
Swimming carnival in two days and I am soooo excited! Except, I'm freaking out about the captain relay because I am a terrible swimmer. I can swim. Just not well or fast. I dno, I went swimming today at lunch with Lisa and I barely made it to the other side. I'm so unfit! I was just standing on the side with Avi thinking, how the heck did I do three laps in year 9 for biathlon? Has the lack of PE taken that big a toll on my fitness level? Strange... But yes, I will probably fail my house. SORRY GUYS! But if all else fails, survival stroke ftw! :P
In other news, SO LIKE I HAD MY ART ASSESSMENT TODAY! Thing is, when we were sorting out the order for these presentations, I remember my name being called out for Wednesday. I don't know why I do, I just did. So I had been pep talking myself in chem period one for Wednesday and thinking "dw, you have a half day, you can sleep early on Tuesday night cause you're really tired from staying up so late last night. It's okay. You got this. Just bring the photos you developed and you'll be fine". Walk into Art period 2 and I hear Mrs Coombes say "Izzy, Kyleen, Lisa, Koshila, you're today." And I was like.. Wtf but yeah. Apparently I misheard. It was okay though. Like I was prepared enough. As in it's not like I could/would do any more preparation in the next 24 hours so I was good to go. It was just a bit of a surprise and I didn't have my developed photos so I just passed my laptop around. Pretty happy with the responses I got too. There was the "ngaw how cute" when the baby drawing was pulled out but then Miss was like "I can't look at that, it's freaking me out" (the baby was bleeding...) which was exactly the kind of response I wanted. So yeah, pretty happy :)

Day 17: Are you excited for the deathly hallows movie or are you scared it won't do the book justice? 

Day 18: Least favourite book: Probably Order of the Phoenix. Still great but I think it dragged on a bit in some places and Umbridge was annoying. Yes, I know she was meant to be but it was frustrating to read :P But I did love it! Just not as much as the others :P


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