Suiei Taikai

Pretty sure I called my first blog about Swimming Carnival that too. Except you guys don't see my blog titles so meh. Anyway oh my gosh I don't even want to start trying to describe Swimming Carnival. It was the perfect last carnival to have and I just had so much fun and gah going to miss it so much :') Kim from the grade below us is the cutest. Danicap and Carissa will know what I'm talking about :P Tehe SOOOO UNBELIEVABLY PUMPED FOR FINALS NIGHT!
Anyway, enough of trying to describe something I've already said I can't... HAPPY BIRTHDAY HENRY! HOPE YOU HAVE AN AWESOME DAY! :D Thank you for cheering me up and making me smile (even if it took more than one sentence, you did better than others :P). I love your ahem wit and I can't believe it took you this long to start singing. I quite like your voice. It has a huskiness to it that not many others do. I also can't believe it took me this long to start talking to you. Haha well maybe I would have hated you if I started talking to you earlier. Who knows. Anyway, enjoy the last three hours of your birthday, your 18th year of being alive and the rest of your life :)


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