Kyleen Is Sleepy

Hello all! hoping you're allw ell in this stressful exam time frame thing... Haha ext 2 student right here 8-) I love my subjects. THe only subjects I need to hardcore study for are Chem, Maths and Bio. The rest oif my subjects? Art, English ext 1, English ext 2. Not being big headed and saying I don't need to study for any of these subjects cause I'm sooooo good at them. It's just that the Art Half Yearly this year didn't have any weighting, the ext 1 exam was all unseen stimuli/extracts that we couldn't prepare for so all we really needed to do was familiarise ourselves with the rubric and ext 2 doesn't have an exam! Although Ext 2 is beginnign to stress me out. I don't know what I'm doing and the report is due in week 2 term 2 and omgshomgshgo rjsgod nm D: Okay I wasn't stressing about it that much until just then. Aw man....
In other news... I love food. Especially Asian food. .'. I love Annie's food. Just Annie :) Been craving Prawn dumpling for sooo long. Eating out with Annie, Carmen and Lisa on Tuesday was so much fun ! Felt so good to be able to be free at 10:30 in teh morning :') Strange but good. Usually during exam period, I go to school and stay there all day every day to study in between my exams because my house is too loud for me to get any work done, but since my parents are away and it's just my sister and me at home and she's at TAFE most of the time, I'm freeeee :D To use the house to study of course but yknow. It's good :) I bumped into Dylan yesterday at Submerge. I was so surprised that he remembered me and knew my name! Good catch up :)
I should be studying for chem. I only went on the computer to print out the English folio thing for tomorrow and ended up surfing le interwebs... as you do. I think I'm okay for the Acidic Environment but the production of Materials just confuses me :/ Must remember all that stuff. And here I am blogging about it. Facepalm. Okay bye O_O


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