Let's All Come In

 Art excursion today! They're always fun :D Even though I missed out on the EPIC workshop, it's okay. Art galleryyyy ! Art express had a dual effect on me. I'm both awed by the amazingness of it all and think YES THAT'S WHERE I WANT TO BE AND NOW I'M MOTIVATED! and full cut down and discouraged. Seeing all the skill in the state is just so.. gnsgoldngde it slashes my confidence way down :P But yeah, it was pretty cool. And we got to wear clothes (which according to Annie is noteworthy and incredibly exciting) and pretend to be a uni group which is always fun. lol Love how we weren't registered as a normal school group. That's pretty cool :)

Day 23: Any part of the books or movies that makes you cry.
The Prince's Tale. Always (see what I did there ;D). The movie and the book. The story is so bittersweet and is made even more tragic by the fact that it was Snape experiencing them. The guy we always thought to be cold hearted and emotionless being the same guy that has gone through all this pain and despite all that, is still so dedicated. It's so beautiful :')
Also in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - both the book and the movie (more in the movie though) - when Harry is about to walk into the forest and he brings his parents, Lupin and Sirius back. That whole chunk made me teary but when his mum walks towards him and "looks at his face hungrily" and oh my gosh it is just so heartbreaking. Especially when she's like "I'm so proud of you" or something. The second she spoke I was an emotional wreck ! To me, there is no greater love than that of a mother for her child and I think this scene/excerpt encapsulates that perfectly and -sigh- it was just amazing :P


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