We are making progress

Three hours. Two seconds. That's my work to produce ratio. And by work I mean art. Maybe I should explain myself. Remember how I said I didn't know how to present my drawings for my BoW? Yeah well, after going to the gallery on Wednesday, I've decided. I saw this maaaaad artwork by William Kentridge. It was video art and it was a stop motion animation and he drew every single frame in it and it was just so amazing. The detail was so perfect! Well not perfect cause they weren't full on realistic but you get what I mean. You could see the lines he had rubbed out so when a character lifted an arm there would still be a mark at every stage of the arm-raising and I loved that. And the sketches were very me like as well and gah it was so so inspiring! So yes, I am doing stop motion animation for my BoW. Good luck to me! I spent like 2 hours Friday night doing it and I got a second of footage. I'm not even exaggerating. I worked on it again last night for about an hour and got another second (I got the hang of taking the photo the right way and how to move each finger).
It's really time consuming because I filmed my hand walking across a table and picking something up (which is what I want to happen in this part of the video). Put it on my computer, keep it paused and move the bar thingy a little bit forward until I see a change in position. The clip is 4 seconds long. When I stopped last night, I was just under halfway. This is madness! But I looked at it so far (Like I just flicked through the photos on the camera really quickly) and I'm really happy with it :) But I'm silly cause when I first started taking the photos, it was night time and I was in my room with the light on. Now I can only do it at that time with an orange light on so the paper doesn't randomly change colour. Le sigh. Hoping the art room gives off that kind of look :S
Also, assembly the other day was the best! Seriously, I didn't even care that it went for an hour it was just so entertaining. Avi and Kabir were so cute :P OUr grade is so talented and omgsh gornvdoikg  TM07 Zap Cannon/ Nice Guys/ Sunny and the Boys... I'm your biggest fan girl. Just sayin'


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