Challenge of the food kind

I've always wanted to attempt a food challenge. It's actually written on my bucket list :P Something really outrageous. But of course, I'd start small. I dno, it's just something that seems so interesting to me. YOU CAN'T EAT THIS ONE KILO STEAK OR THIS 30CM BURGER! challenge accepted >.> I love food. A lot of you know that. Just read my twitter. I constantly tweet what I'm craving or eating. Writing this post is making me hungry and crave... Yeah I'm weird. Don't judge me !

Day 26: If you could be able to work a spell without a wand, what would it be?
Accio. Wouldn't that be the simplest choice? cause then you can just summon everything out of reach (like your wand) and do whatever you want. But if that's considered a form of question cheating (like wishing for more wishes if you were offered three), then I'd say protego. because I'm paranoid like that...


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