Hello hello hello! So as most of you know, I was in New Zealand for all of last week for my sister's wedding. As much as I'd love to give a blow by blow account of what happened there, I can't be bothered. There's just so much that I could and probably would write so it's best that I don't start. I will say this though: Queenstown is beautiful and it has a lot of cute British guys. I would definitely go back and I have already half planned my revisit with friends :P
First day back at school (for me) and I am bombarded with exam results. Every assessment period is obviously followed by the mark getting and I always have the same reactions every time. Disappointed with maths and chem. Relatively happy with Bio, Completely ecstatic about Art. This time was no exception. Well apparently not many people did that well in Chem so I should be happy? My mark isn't amazing but it isn't bad (so Nicholas says) so I guess I can come to terms with that.
In art today, we were talking about the due date of our practical component and we realised we only have 17 weeks left. I DON'T THINK I'M GOING TO GET TIS DONE IN TIME! Although I showed Miss Cody and a few people in the class what I had done so far and they really like it. That's always encouraging :) I'm just really glad that they liked the fact that there are marks left behind because that's one of the things that I really liked about William Kentridge's videos. But I need to redraw the lust circle. I like how I made her throw the cigarette but I don't like her walk. It looks weird. Her upper body doesn't move enough. I need to actually film two people walking towards each other :/ HOW AND WHEN TO DO? (Will be accepting volunteers...lol jk).
Moving on... I do not like the new blogger layout. I don't know why though which probably means this is just another case of me not liking change. But really, too social networky... if that makes any sense.

Day 27: Would you rather own the Invisibility cloak, the Resurrection Stone or the Elder Wand?
The Invisibility cloak. And not just because it was owned by the brother that was all about (and therefore was a symbol of) nobility. I honestly would prefer the Invisibility cloak cause hiding is always fun :P And I have no use for the Resurrection Stone. I haven't lost someone close to me to death so I can't think of anyone I would bring back to life. The Elder Wand I wouldn't use because I don't get into fights often. Whether verbal or physical so it would be pointless for me to be carrying it.
.'. Invisibility cloak seems the most helpful in my case.


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