I'll surrender up my heart and swap it for yours

Lego House has been on repeat in my head lately but I don't mind because I love that song :D A few things I feel I should note and release out there into the cyberworld. I shall mention it once here and after that, never again! To anyone. (not even you, Lisa). So!
  1. I miss my dog
  2. You're not very popular in Sydney at the moment
  3. I'm thinking 12 units is too much
  4. I wish art was all theory just so I have a better chance at doing well when it comes to the HSC
And with that, silence shall reign... lol what that didn't even make sense. Anyway, I try not to be a bitter person. I really do. But sometimes, just sometimes there are people who test my patience. Not many people and not always on a regular basis but you know. The select few... C'mon, I'm not the only one that thinks this. I'm pretty sure most, if not all, of you have that one person (or two or three depending on what...sinks your boat lol O_O) that bothers you. Like, anything that comes out of their mouth or that you read from them, you just get a jolt of irritation. Your insides writhe with annoyance and it takes a great deal of self control not to punch them in the face (mostly because you're scared they'll punch back. Lol jks im not a coward.. *cough**Cough*). But this is a rarity for me. A first actually. I used to have more tolerance but I think I have reached breaking point :P Not that I'm all angsty and OMGSH I HATE THE WORLD! But it now takes a lot less to irritate me. The people I once had neutral perceptions of rather than like them the way I do everybody else are just constant annoyances. Don't worry, I'm sure it's not any of you reading this now. I highly doubt these people would read my blog :P

Well this was a bitter return to blogging... I feel I should write another one just to even things up a bit. Haha. But I won't. Cause I'm lazy 8)


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