Yay holidays!I

 Every time I think or say Holidays, in my head I see "Holly- days". I'm so glad it's finally the end of term. Woah guys, we are half way through year 12! omgsh sgiogr sgfeoid g Every time I think about Extension 2 or Art, I feel really nervous. Mainly ebcause I don't kwno if I'll get it done in time :S I am working so hard on my art thing though but after an hour I have less than half a second of footage. So much effort for one frame :( And all my time is going into art and not into ext2. I have considered either dropping it or changing to short story because short story is a lot easier to write and I feel I can do a lot better with short story. The problem with that is that we have a report due in two-three weeks (cbb counting properly cause I don't actually know when it is due...) and it's a bit late to change mediums because there's been too much "progress" in our selected medium. Not that I've gotten anywhere... I dno I will email Miss Young later and ask her.
Enough about school, so... dead body at Hurlstone huh? Oh the things that happen at our beloved school. We do indeed have a very interesting history... to say the least. So many people are like "You know your school is sh*t when they find a dead body..." and stuff. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO STILL LOVES HURLSTONE? I'm seeing so much talk about how terrible Hurlstone is and I'm like WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SCHOOL PRIDE GUYS? :'( Whatever, the Golden Age is over. Actually, This year's reign (in terms of the student leadership body, not the execs) seems to be the Golden Age. So much is getting done and the prefects are actually doing things that are being acknowledged and recognised. That is a big deal methinks. Good job prefects! This is why you were voted in:P I should stop being so nostalgic...
Speaking of nostalgic, remember that "30 day" challenge I was doing which is now becoming 4-5 months? Yeah well we are up to...

Day 24: Nineteen years later, are you happy with the way things turned out?
Yeah I think I am. I can't think of any other way it would end and as much as I hate the fact that so many characters died and I wished they were there, it isn't that big a deal to me. I dno it's weird. I really wanted the twins to both be alive together and Lupin to be alive but I'm happy with how Teddy is practically Harry's son. It's really sweet :) I kinda wish there was more on what they were doing now. Eg, did Harry end up being an Auror? Little things like that it would have been nice to know. But I guess it would be hard to smoothly incorporate all of their on descriptions in what is meant to be a short, simple scene/chapter in the book so yeah, while there are minute details I'd like to know that aren't included or that Id like to change, I can understand her choice in what she included in the nineteen years later thing so yeah, I'm happy :P


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