Seminars and Meetings

Two posts in two days? :O What is this Witchcraft??? Yeah for some reason my computer is being awfully nice to me. It let me watch an entire movie that I needed to stream for extension 1 yesterday! THAT is a big achievement :P So yes, in between the official business I must conduct on my computer, I feel the need to blog. My views have gone down and that makes me sad...
Anyway, today was the first day for the extension 1 seminars and I must say, I am so impressed with them so far. I love Troy's and Monica's! They were so entertaining and relevant. You kids will go far :') I still feel so unprepared. Which makes sense seeing as I have yet to practise it for the first time and I haven't even gotten halfway through the book I'm using. Yay me! I did better in my half yearly than I thought I would which I am rather proud about. Not great (like Troy) but good enough for me and a lot better than last year :P
Yearbook meeting was productive today. We have decided on the emblem that will be on the front of the yearbook so now it feels a lot more real and I'm excited! just reminding everyone to send in pictures to If Possible, could you name the file something that indicates who is in it and what event or if it isn't an event-orientated picture than just the names will be fine. Just so we can see if there's even representation of every group/person in the grade in the yearbook. Thanks all!


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