You Always Think You're Right

You know what really bugs me? Well more two things that really bug me but only one of which I am going to go in depth about. First, stereotypes. Mainly gender. But I've ranted about that on this blog before so let's not go into detail. The other thing (and yes, this is referring to you person who should know who they are) is when people say "you always think you're right"
First of all, this is a generalisation and you can't really sufficiently back it up. Which I guess isn't that much of an issue considering most claims are general. And well, while I can't speak for everyone, I know that I, personally, never claim to always be right. True, I am not always the most civilised person when it comes to voicing my opinions and I do have many opinions :P But I know that I am constantly saying "I don't think I'm right but... [insert thought here]". And while some people might think I'm just saying that as a false defense, I'm not. I know I say that. My email to my English group after I finished the group work was covered in things like that.So no, I do not always think I'm right.
But that's a more personal thing that applies only to me (as far as I know). What really bugs me about when people say "You always think you're right" is that.. it's not much of a.. hm I don't really know how to explain it. But it's unnecessarily accusatory. YOU ALWAYS THINK YOU'RE RIGHT! Um.. well, of course I do, why would I be saying things if I didn't think they were right? It's a ridiculous statement. I mean, when people say it, it's usually to point out a flaw. But it's kind of a given isn't it? Every one says things because they believe it to be right or true or whatever synonym you can come up with. It's not like you'd be jumping around screaming something you know isn't true. Obviously the things you say are said for a reason. So maybe some people do always think they're right, but is that actually a bad thing or is it just them being reasonable?


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