Year summaries make me sad

Year summaries are currently being written for yearbook and no, I am not going to post it up here so don't worry if you're scared of the surprise being ruined.. (Yeah as if you guys care >.>) But to make sure that Kabir and I don't write a biased account of year ten, we've been going through facebok photos and multiple blogs to find out what year ten was like to a lot of people. ANd while I'm looking through all these memories, I'm pretty sure you guys can guess how this is affecting me. I am so incredibly sentimental and I'm looking at photos or reading blogs and going "-sigh- I miss that and I'm going to miss this when I leave :';)" and soon enougnh the :') becomes :( :'( D': etc etc and I am a crying wreck. Although I have yet to progress that far. At the moment I am in the :') zone btu we shall see.
Whatever guys, you know how much I love you all!


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